We’ve had the opportunity to open for some pretty cool people. Here’s some proof of it.

signing shirt


Show Posters

Nick Thune Poster

James Adomian Poster   Slam Poster

RVA Hot Sauce Poster   RCC Poster



CT Article Picture

‘Manly Man’ Plans to Continue Performing After Graduation

” The duo has already begun recording the first of at least three music videos

to be completed by the end of the semester, in addition to themed photo sh-

oots and a series of comedic videos for their YouTube account. The pair are

currently working on a song called “Falling in Love in the Grocery Store,” w-

hich they intend to film, appropriately, in a grocery store….”



Cheats Article Picture

Richmond Comedy Overload: Karate Practice, ManlyMan, & Laugh Track 2

“Starting the night off was ManlyMan (pictured), a musical comedy duo, cr-

eated and performed by Caitlin Carbone and Erin Adelman. They were fant-

astic! A mix between Flight of the Conchords and the famous SNL skit, The

Culp Family. They really put on a hilarious performance…”


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